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About Alterego

Alterego is a York/Leeds based band playing for Ceilidhs, Concerts and Festivals. You can view and listen to some of our music on Youtube. Just go into Alterego Ceilidh Bank UK.

The Band are:

Noel Jackson - Mandolin, guitar, mandola, banjo, bass, vocals. Noel writes most of Alterego's original tunes. He has played in bands since he was 16 years old and has covered many styles from Cabaret to Heavy Metal. Luckily for us he has now settled for upbeat folk music and song.

Steve Jackson - Guitar, melodeon, bass, whistles, flute, vocals. He co-writes the tunes with Noel and composes the music for the original songs. Steve is the real musician of the band and also takes bookings in his own right.

Olga Jackson - bodhran, djembe, occasional English concertina. She also writes most of the original lyrics. Some say not really a musician - just a drummer - and she's just invested in a ukulele so watch out!

Steve Marshall. Guitar, mandola, mandolin, vocals. Steve adds an extra dimension to the band.‚Äč

Plus occasional guest musicians including Laura Wyles - various whistles,recorders, guitar, ukulele and vocals.

 Alterego can often be found lurking at sessions at festivals....

Playing for dances in some unusual places...

...and in some unusual weather conditions!

This is Steve performing solo at Moira Furnace

Steve [email protected] Furnace Folk Festival 2011


And the bride wore....

Great dancing shoes!

Thanks for letting us use this Tracy!

The individual band members have been active on the Folk Club scene for many years and are well known in South Derbyshire and North Yorkshire for running sessions and Folk Clubs. They also have a long-standing relationship with Moira Furnace Folk Festival where they have been the resident Ceilidh Band (originally playing as What's the Point?) since the first festival in 2009.

...and here are some pictures of Steve being upstaged at Moonbeams in the session tent: